Speaking about Blockchain at CodeMonsters Conference

Being part of CodeMonsters Conference I am very happy to announce to you that I will be Speaking at CodeMonsters which is part of  Global Tech Summit. Global Tech Summit will take place in the National Palace of Culture (NDK) on 27-29 November and it will include Three big events altogether. Java2Days – https://2018.java2days.com/ CodeMonsters – https://2018.codemonsters.pro/ AI & Smart Tech

Workshop: Create Simple Decentralized App

Introduction Hello everybody. In this Workshop in which we will be creating a very simple but powerful Decentralized Application using a few tools. The general idea for the App will be to store Certificates (Images) in a decentralized way using IPFS and saving the hash of the image inside an Ethereum Smart-Contract. That way we

Speaking at Soft Unit Conference

Hey guys. I was invited to participate and be a speaker on SoftUnit Conference. SoftUnit Conference SoftUnit Conference is one of the biggest technology conferences in Bulgaria, which will be hosted on the 28 and 29 September at Paradise Center, Sofia Bulgaria. This year the purpose of the campaign is “STAY HERE WHERE YOUR STORY MATTERS!” and the main