Speaking about Blockchain at CodeMonsters Conference

by Nikolay Angelov

Being part of CodeMonsters Conference

I am very happy to announce to you that I will be Speaking at CodeMonsters which is part of  Global Tech Summit.

Global Tech Summit will take place in the National Palace of Culture (NDK) on 27-29 November and it will include Three big events altogether.

  • Java2Days - https://2018.java2days.com/
  • CodeMonsters - https://2018.codemonsters.pro/
  • AI & Smart Tech - https://aismart.tech/

The event is one of the biggest IT events in Bulgaria, where you can learn and meet people from the Java world at Java2Days. Besides speaking about Java this year you will be able to learn few things about Blockchain as I will be leading Two talks about Blockchain.

Blockchain Disasters

In this talk, we will answer one of the Biggest questions - "Is Blockchain un-hackable?". While answering it we will see all the things that went bad in the Blockchain world and will discover how much money was stolen and have been lost in the past few years.

Scaling the Blockchain: Lightning Network

We all know that one of the biggest issues in the Blockchain is the Scalability problem. In this talk, we will understand how Lightning Network is capable of solving this problem and have a basic understanding of how Lightning Network is capable of scaling the Bitcoin network.

Let's meet there

In case you attend the event please don't be afraid to say "Hello". I would love to meet all of you!

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